Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birth Story

My birth story starts on Friday June 19th. DH and I were at my BIL's commissioning ceremony into the Marine Core, when I started to have a lot of cramping and back pain. The chairs at the ceremony were really uncomfortable and I thought that was why I was so crampy... So I went to sit in the car. The cramping got a little better. After the ceremony everyone was going to go to Olive Garden to celebrate. We got to Olive Garden (this was about 8:30ish), sat down and ordered our drinks. Our friend was talking to DH asking him far a long I was. DH told him she is exactly 37 weeks today. Our friend than said oh wow so you could have that baby any day now! Literally two mins later, I felt a pop and than a small warm gush. I didn't know what it was and my eyes got really big. My sister saw my sudden reaction and asked if I was OK. I told her yes that I think I need to go to the bathroom when I went to stand up I felt another gush. I knew than that it was my water. My DH and I kinda just froze lol and looked at my mom. She told DH to get up and go get the car, I went to stand up to walk out and another huge gush came out. So my mom wheeled me in the olive garden chair!! LOL SO embarrassing, every person who looked at us funny my mom told them my water had just broke lol. So we get in the car I call my OB, and he tells me to head to the hospital. We stopped by the house real quick cuz we had nothing with us. When I got to the hospital, they confirmed it was my water that broke, and hooked me up to the monitors. When I got there I was 1 1/2 cm and at Zero station. My labor starting to get pretty intense. I had HORRIBLE back labor! It was the worst feeling ever, my contractions were about every two mins apart, so I wasn't getting that much of a break between contractions... after 7 1/2 hours of no pain meds what so ever and only making it to 2cm I caved and got the epi. The epi than slowed my labor so much that they started me on pitocin; this allowed me to dilate but the epi did not take away all of the pain in my back. Around 3:00 in the afternoon I had made it to 9cm. But the epi had completely warn off in my back. Ben was also sunny side up. They gave me some different kind of drugs in my IV in hopes of taking away the back pain. It went away a little but not completely. By 3:45 I was to 10cm and +2 station; and miraculously Ben had turned so he wasn't sunny side up anymore. The nurse had me do a practice push, and than started to set everything up for delivery. After my first real push she called my OB in for delivery. My OB came in and after three rounds of pushing, my ob had me doing half pushes and stopping; at the very end he told me to reach down put my hands under Ben's arms and pull him out. I did! It was the most amazing feeling ever!! I got to pull him up and put him on my chest! My doc said he was very impressed with my delivery. I only had first degree tear and I only pushed for eight minutes! Benjamin Charles was born at 4:08pm 7lbs 4.3oz 19 3/4inches long! I am so thankful to God and to all of our friends and family who had us in their prayers! God is amazing! Other than a little jaundice Ben seems to be doing great.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Benjamin Charles is HERE!!

Here are some pics of baby Ben! Also some pics of me and DH... labor is not easy so I will tell you I do not look my best lol