Saturday, September 27, 2008

S/A Results

Well the results are finally in.... The Results showed that DH has a low sperm count. His count was at 10 million and they like to see it at 30 million. The doctor told me his motility and morphology percentages, but I don't remember them now. All I remember is that only one of them was in the normal range and the rest were under. This is a little depressing. DH feels like everything is his fault now. I have tried to reassure him that I have problems too. Which I do, short LP and not a very strong Ovulation. My doc has ordered another S/A to confirm that DH does in fact have a low sperm count. My doc said that sometimes they go back in the second time and their numbers are normal. Sometime in the next month DH and I will be going back for the second S/A. My doc has put the clomid on hold, until the results of the second S/A come back in. I have to say I am starting to feel like we are even further away from having a baby. I am even more scared that we won't even be able to have kids. I knows that these are irrational fears, but I can't help but feel this way. I am praying with all my might that DH's numbers come back better the second time; and that we can start clomid and finally get our BFP! I know I just need to have faith and be patient. Until next time! God Bless you all!


Saturday, September 13, 2008


So my DH is going in for S/A on Monday. I am nervous. I have no idea why I am so nervous but I am. I am excited at the same time because next month I will be starting my first round of clomid. I am starting to feel very anxious. I have wanted a baby for so long, and now maybe we will finally be able to get pregnant. Than again I am worried because maybe the clomid won't help. I seriously can not stop thinking about babies. For the past two weeks every single night I have had a dream about me having a baby. I think I am starting to become a little too obsessive. I know I just need to relax and not think of it that much; but it doesn't help that right now I have 8 friends who are expecting. So obviously one of the biggest topics everyone talks about when we get together is babies. I am not telling anyone that we are TTC again, because the last time when were TTC and we told everyone it put A LOT of stress on me. Plus every time we saw them and they would ask if we were pregnant, and we said no, it was frustrating. So this time around, my DH and I have decided to keep this between just us. I know this will help not make it as stressful.