Friday, January 30, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

16 week Belly Pic

Shirt Belly

Bare Belly

Worst Cold Ever

Blah! I will admit that I got about 2 hours of consecutive sleep last night! It was great, but I am still SO tired! I haven't had a full nights sleep since Saturday night. I did not go to work again today, work is going to be a pain in the ass tomorrow but meh oh well. I also had a random bit of morning sickness last night... I was hungry so around 11pm I got up from the couch, went to the kitchen looked around a bit; and the only thing that sounded good was peaches! Well baby July must not like peaches, cuz the second I was done eating, I was off to bathroom to throw it right back up! I pray to god that was the last time I will puke, it hurt more than it usually does just cuz my throat is so sore from all this coughing I am doing. I really hope I am better by Sunday! Not only is it the super bowl, but it is also DH's 24th b-day! No matter how I am feeling though I have to go to work tomorrow, I can not miss anymore work this week!

Monday, January 26, 2009

15 week check up

I went in for my 15 week check up. My MIL went with me because she has been wanting to go to an appointment with me. DH could not be there today because his scheduled got screwed up at work. Anywho it was nice to have someone there with me. He has officially moved my due date to 7/10. At my NT scan when I was 11 weeks 4 days I was measuring 12 weeks 5 days, that was the fourth time I had been measuring ahead; and he said he felt confident enough in moving my due date now. He brought the doppler in we listened to the heart beat which was 155bpm! MIL loved being able to hear the heartbeat! I have gained 9lbs, which he said is perfect. He likes to see women gaining 10 lbs by the time they are twenty weeks. LOL well I think I will have no problem gaining another pound in four weeks considering I have gained five pounds in the last four weeks lol. He said that because I am so petite he wants to see me gain at 30, he said if I gained 40 that would be ok too. YIKES! Fourty pounds?? I know it will all be worth it in the end, but I hope I gain 30 at the most lol. We scheduled my BIG u/s for Feb the 25th. We couldn't keep the appointment on my birthday anymore, because they were all out of late appointments and I couldn't do an early one due to DH's schedule. Meh oh well, I haven't talked to DH about it yet but I want, the tech to write down the sex on a piece of paper; and than at my B-day party (Feb 27th) we can reveal the sex to everyone! I don't know if we will actually do that, but I think that would be fun. Anyways I am sicker than a dog right now. I have the worst cold that I have had in YEARS! My poor little baby, I am coughing so much, and my lungs are on fire! I got some Robitussin DM and some sudafed. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon, or at least stop coughing enough where I can get some sleep! Anyways hope everyone has a good week!


Friday, January 23, 2009

NT Scan Results

I FINALLY got the results of our NT scan back today. They ended up having to do the blood test twice, cuz one of the tests they were doing the sample didn't have enough blood. ~Anyways~ They said that everything looked very good, and that is was all within the normal ranges. Our number for downs are 1 in 7,807, and for trisomy 18 and 13 it is 1 in 41,561! I am so thankful that everything turned out ok. I don't know if any of you knew this, but I am adopted. Therefore when it comes to my medical background I really am in the dark, that is why I am so glad my OB did this test! I am so grateful to God that everything is ok!

On another note, I have my 15 week check up on Monday! Holy Crap I am 15 weeks!!! My tummy is starting to get hard, and is starting to form a itty bitty baby bump. I am still having a hard time finding maternity jeans that actually fit me. I mean I can find jeans that fit me fine in the waist, but they are HUGE when it comes to my legs and my butt. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and pay $60 for the pair of maternity jeans that actually fit me really well. ::sigh:: the most I wanted to spend on mat jeans was $30 spending $60 just seems too much for me. But I do not want to spend this entire pregnancy looking like I have a sack of poo in the pants... LOL that is what it looks like right now cuz my damn jeans are just so big on me. I am so excited, that in 5 weeks I will know what I am having! Did I mention that I turn 20 weeks on my 23rd B-day! That's right as of right now my BIG u/s is on my b-day! I can't wait! Also I finally got the CNA board to reschedule my testing! So on Feb 21st I will go take the written and skills exam for my CNA certification! Hopefully (if I pass) I can start working in a hospital soon!! I am SO excited!! Today was a pretty good day!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

NT Scan!!!

Here are some pics from the NT scan!

The NT scan went pretty good. When we first started the ultrasound the Tech could only get a few shots because my bladder was too full. LOL. I drank as much as they said to drink, but obviously it was too much, ha ha. So after I emptied my bladder she continued the ultrasound. I am so amazed at what two weeks can do! We had an ultrasound just two weeks before the NT Scan, and this little one had grown so much in two weeks!!! We could see that's it's little tummy was full as was it's little bladder. S/he was kicking their little legs, and s/he kept arching his/her's back. When she went to find the heartbeat she found it right away. This was the first time that Guy and I got to hear the heart beat! It was such a beautiful sound! The baby's heart beat was beating strong at 171 bpm! We could see their little nose, and little mouth! S/he has such a cute tummy I wish they were here so I could just kiss it!! I can't wait for this little one to be here! For the third time I was measuring ahead. When we had the NT Scan I was 11 weeks and 4 days, but the tech kept getting measurements of 12 weeks and 5 days. She measured it four times just to be sure. But our little on was measuring two and half inches long. So my OB said that if at the next ultrasound at 16 weeks I am still measuring ahead that he will confident in moving up my due date! I am starting to feel a lot better! The all day nauseous feeling is starting to subside! Those morning sickness pills they gave me really help!! Oh yea one more funny thing that happened. When the baby was arching it back, (this was the main movement s/he kept doing) my mom, kept saying oh looks Trista the baby's doing Cheerleader moves (I was a cheerleader for 3 years), It must be a girl! Than Guy said no those aren't cheerleader moves those are wrestling moves (DH was a wrestler for 4 years); LOL it was pretty funny the tech just kept laughing at those two. Our next App is on Jan 26th and I can't wait!!! I am so thankful and amazed by God's amazing power and love!! Thank you Lord for this miracle!!