Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am exhausted

Yesterday around 3pm, my contractions (that I have on a daily basis) started to get out of control. So I took another procardia (I take them every four hours), and tried to go to sleep. Well when seven came around the contractions which were not stopping were now about every three mins apart. So I took another procardia and decided to wait another hour to see if they would stop. Well when eight came around and they weren't stopping that's when I decided to call the doctor, of course he told me to head to L&D. DH wasn't home so I waited twetny mins for him to get home and we were off. When we got to L&D they were still three mins apart. They weren't registering that intense on the monitors so the nurse went to go call the doc with an update. Go figure when she left my contractions went to every two mins and the were pretty intense. So they decided to give me a shot of terbutaline. It was almost instant ten mins after the shot the contractions had stopped. Once it started to tapper off though the contracts started up again so they had me take another one of my procardia at 11 and than I got another shot or terb. Of course the terb was able to stop them again, so around 1:30 they decided to discharge me and before I left they gave me an oral form of terb. I am still on the procardia but now have an oral form of terb with me as well. I am so exhausted terb makes your heart beat race and make you feel so jittery (sp?). 36 weeks is still the cut off date for my anti-contraction meds, but doc told me that if this happens again at 35 weeks he is not going to stop it. I am trying to cope with the fact that Ben is going to be here early and will not make it to his due date. I am just now trying to fight as hard as I can to keep him till 36 weeks! Thank you again for all of your prayers!

Friday, May 15, 2009

31 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss- Ahh well at my docs app I was 142.... so I have gained almost 40 pounds and I will be honest I am freaking out. It's not like I am eating unhealthy, but for some reason I am just gaining weight like crazy. Once again my doc isn't worried in the beginning he told me he wanted me gain any where from 45-50 pounds but I will be honest I NEVER thought I would gain that much.... YIKES! It's all for a good cause I know!

Stretch marks - Nope none yet! ::knocks on wood::

Sleep - Sleep is very very difficult! I have sciatica which is very very painful, so sleep is kinda poopy right now but its ok. :)

Best moment this week - Having my sister feel him kick for the first time!

Movement - Yes yes it feels like he is having a party in there sometimes. I am starting to feel knees and elbows now too!

Food cravings - I have been craving a lot of cheese and rice lol

Belly button - It's sticking out! : )

What I miss - Nothing!

Milestones - Just making it another week! Thank you GOD!! And thank you ladies for all the continued prayers!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

31 weeks and 5 day belly pic

31 weeks and 5 days

Just a comparison here is my belly at 20 weeks what a difference 11 weeks makes!