Friday, March 27, 2009

25 weeks

Total weight gain/loss - At my OB app on tuesday I weighed 127.5. So I have gained 24.5 pounds!

Stretch marks - Again none that I can see (still have a little discoloration from the rash), I do have some on my hips that have always been there that are becoming more visible though.

Sleep - Sleep this week was ok, I find my self waking up on my right side a lot! Which isn't horrible but I wish I would stay on left side so he is getting the most blood flow possible!

Best moment this week - Guy getting to see my belly dance from all of his little kicks and punchs.

Movement - Yes he is moving more and more and his little kicks are getting stronger! Love you baby!!!

Food cravings - This week?? Hmm let me think... Sweets!! I crave chocolate! The other day I wanted a penut buster parfet from DQ so bad I thought I was going to seriously die if I didn't get it! LOL

Belly button - Still flat and my right side of my belly button is starting to poke out a little!

What I miss - Nada! I am so thankful to be pregnant!!

Milestones - Just making it another week! Thank you GOD!! And thank you ladies for all the continued prayers!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

24 weeks!!!

Total weight gain/loss - At my last OB app on Friday I weighed 126.2, so I have gained 23.2 pounds so far!

Stretch marks - well none that I can see but who knows that I have this HORRIBLE rash all over my tummy! =(

Sleep - honestly it all just depends on the night. Sometimes I can sleep really good, other nights my hips hurt and I can't get comfortable. But now that this rash is here, it's a little bit harder cuz when I move positions I itch like crazy!

Best moment this week - Seeing my belly move from his kicks!!

Movement - Oh yea he has discovered mommmy's bladder this week! LOL

Food cravings - sweet, sweets and more sweets!!! I am in LOVE with cereal yep I have like two or three bowls a day no joke!

Belly button - flat and starting to stick out a little!

What I miss - nothing! Well I miss not having a Rash but I absolutely LOVE being pregnant!

Milestones - making it another week! Thank you GOD!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

23 week belly pic

Bare belly

Shirt belly

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Follow up from Labor and Delivery

So I had my follow up today. It went well! When I told her that the different doc had gone from magnesium sulfate to just ibuprofen and percocet she looked SO confused. Her first question was "well were you in pain?" 'In honesty I was not in much "pain", only a hand full of the contractions hurt. When I told her this she looked even more confused. She did an ultrasound and measured my cervix. My cervix had not changed in length from my BIG u/s (PRAISE GOD!); so she said that she wanted me to still take it very easy. And yes if I indeed was feeling the contractions again to take the procardia NOT TYLENOL!!! Ugh she IF I feel up to it I can go back to work next week, since all I do is sit in a chair and I don't do much walking and I don't do any lifting. I have an appointment in two weeks she will measure my cervix again to make sure that nothing has changed. She said that yes I was indeed having contractions over the weekend but the good thing is that the contractions never changed the length of my cervix. I am so thankful for this. I told her that I am still getting really tight every once in a while especially when I get up to go to the bathroom or get something to eat. I told her that my uterus just tenses up whenever I get up, she said it may just be that I have a very sensitive and irritable uterus; but she told me to still pay very close attention to this. That if anything starts to feel out of the ordinary again, or of course they become really close or really strong again to call. I feel somewhat better after this follow up appointment; but I will be honest I am still very worried just because my uterus is still so irritable and because of all of this pelvic pressure. I am putting all of my worries and fear in God's hands. I just need to trust in him, and I need to relax. So for now that is what I am going to do. My husband and I greatly appreciate all of the prayers that are still being said!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Labor and Delivery Round 2

When I got home Saturday night I was fine for the first two hours. When midnight came around which was time for me to take another pill, I had four contractions in twenty minutes. I called the on call doc she wanted me to wait and see if the pill would stop them. Which when it finally got through my digestive system it did. Well when 6 am came around which was time for me to take another pill I started having contractions agian. This time the pill did not stop them so I called the on call doc and she told me to go back to labor and delivery. When I get there they hook me up to the monitors and I am having contractions again. So the doctor decides to start me on a IV medicine. Magnesium Sulfate... OMG this stuff makes you feel like crap. That is what it is suppose to do but man it was rough. The first dose they give you is very concentrated it makes your whole body feel like you are on fire! What it does is it lowers your bodies core temperature. So it basically has the opposite effect as a fever does. With a fever you get the chills, when your core temp is lowered you feel hot. I am not joking you when I say you feel like your whole body is on fire! I had cold rags every where on me. On my forehead, my chest, my stomach, under my armpits. The other thing that stinks about this stuff is that you can not eat while you are one it. I was SO hungry! I had to have a catheter because this stuff makes you not really have a lot of control when you walk. It also naturally lowers your blood pressure. So you have to be monitored very closely. Anyways the magnesium was working, I was still having some contractions but not as many as I was before. I had been on the IV solution for about 14 hours. Around 10:30pm, all of sudden I felt like I was going to puke, than all of sudden I felt like I needed to poop.. Than I got very weak a couldn't move, my mom got scared and pushed the button for nurse right as the heart monitor alarm started going off. Ten seconds later a nurse was in my room to check on me, after this I don't remember much, it was all a blur. My mom says that the nurse called for the doctor, the doctor came in and my BP had dropped to 50/20! She called for the another doctor all of a sudden there were four nurses and two doctors in my room. All kinds of alarms were going off, my mom said that my husband just froze and his eyes got really big. The gave me a shot that got my heart beating really fast and decided to take me off of the magnesium for a bit. The put a mask of O2 on me and for about an hour I just had to relax. So around midnight they put me back on the magnesium cuz my contractions had started up again. I didn't sleep very well the first night because I was uncomfortable from how hot I was, I was starving, and the catheter is really uncomfortable as well. Well around 6:30 am they decided to take me off of the magnesium because my BP keep bottoming out. So the decided they would monitor me for the day and see how I did (contraction wise) with no meds. I did kinda ok, but I was still having a lot of irritability on my monitors and contractions every once in a while. Well the on call doc who had been there all weekend had gone home and another doctor came on. I had seen this doc before and I DID NOT like him. Well he comes in and starts telling me that he is going to put me on percocet and ibuprofen for the night and see if that will get my contractions to completely stop. This made NO SENSE to me! The doc who I had before had told me that once I had gotten off of the magnesium she would put me back on the pills they had sent me home with and see if those would work this time. I was SO confused, he had no bed side manner and kept talking to me and my mom like we were idiots. So I didn't take the percocet or ibuprofen until about ten. This stuff knocked me out so I was actually able to sleep that night. The monitors were still showing irritability in the morning but they decided that I was ok to go home. This doc sent me home and told me to take Tylenol if I was starting to feel pelvic pressure, he didn't want me to take any of the stuff that I was sent home with the first time. I am still SO confused! I still have a ton of pelvic pressure, and my uterus is still every once in a while getting really hard. So tomorrow I have a follow up, not with the doc I don't like, but with someone I do. So I am going to drill them with a million questions and see what they think about him sending me home with instructions to just take Tylenol. Hey maybe he is right and that is all I need but I want to here this from another doc not him. I am still so so scared that something is going to go wrong. I am SO thankful though that everything seems to be OK. God is so good, I could feel him with me through out this whole ordeal. I felt all of the prayers that were being said for my family while I was in the hospital! I am so thankful for everyone who prayed they really do help! I am on bed rest for the rest of the week, and at my follow up tomorrow I will be told how much longer I will be on bed rest for. DH is going OOT this weekend for business so my mom and sister will be here to help me. I am still pretty emotional, this has been a very exhausting experience! I cried so much in the hospital I tried to stay calm cuz I knew that getting all worked up wasn't going to help the situation but it is hard not to let your emotions get to you when you are going through something like that! I am so thankful that I had God to get me through this, I would not have been able to get through this with out him. Nor would I have been able to get through this if it wasn't for my family or my friends who prayed so much. I TRULY believe in the power of prayer and they were felt! I will continue to pray that God help me through the rest of this pregnancy, and I would really appreciate it if all of you kept praying too!

Labor and Delivery Round 1

This all really started on Friday. I was having A LOT of pelvic pressure so I called the on call nurse at my doctors and asked them if this was normal. They said no and that they wanted to see me right away. So I went in she checked me and said my cervix still felt very long and closed. She told me to just take it easy this weekend and to double my water in take. So Saturday I get up to run just a few errands, go to the bank, and than to walmart to get some laundry detergent. When I got home I sat down to eat some breakfast and noticed that my stomach was getting tight. So I kept an eye on them at first they were twenty minutes apart. I wasn't too worried because I had been told that four contractions and hour were ok but anything more than four wasn't. Well all of a sudden my contractions went from twenty to two minutes. So I call the on call doc they tell me to go to labor and delivery. So we get to labor and they hook me up to the monitors, I am indeed having contractions every two minutes. Than it went to a minute apart. They gave me a shot of tributilane (sp?) that didn't stop them so they gave me another shot of tributilane(sp?). When that didn't work they gave me a pill call procardia (sp?). This stopped them they monitored me for two hours, than sent me home with a prescription for the procardia (sp?). This was a very scary day, I had no idea what tomorrow had in store for me...