Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Road Trip

Last Saturday my mom, husband, the boys and I loaded up in a rented mini van and started our drive to California. I was nervous traveling with a 6 week old, and had no idea what to expect. Well it didn't turn out as horrible as I thought it would be. The first day of travel was actually pretty good. Ethan and Ben both slept a lot! Only when we were two hours from Richfield UT, did things get a little complicated. We left Denver at 6am and got into Richfield at 4pm, I think we made good timing really. We wanted to be on the road again by 6am on Sunday morning (so we didn't hit all that traffic from Vegas to the California border), but when the alarm went off at 530am we were all so tired that we shut it off and slept till 830 am lol. We were on the road by 10am. This travel day was HORRIBLE! Ben was no tired at all so he was very cranky, and not to mention that he was starting to get sick, and sitting in a car seat is not the most comfortable thing to sit in when you don't feel good. Ethan must have hit his 6 weeks growth spurt because he was drinking so much! I was miserable because I had to keep going to the back of the van, and squeeze myself between the two car seats which was very uncomfortable. Unfortunately because our lazy butts didn't leave when we wanted we hit horrible traffic from Vegas to the California state line. We didn't get in until almost 8pm. I was SO thankful to get out of that van. The boys were pretty happy about it too. Overall the trip really wasn't that bad, however, I will think twice the next time we decide to drive over 1000 miles with two little ones. :-)

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